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March 26, 2009

Spicy foods causing heartburn symptoms?

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More words of  wisdom from Ms. Brescia….  good info about our misconceptions about the standard American diet and where those ideas originated.  Read on…

Many people are under the false impression that eating
them will make their acid reflux, ulcer or hiatal hernia
act up.
The truth is herbs and spices have been used for thousands
of years for both flavoring and medicinal purposes.
To your spicy pain-free life,

But they won’t. 

With the exception of curry powder and iodized table salt,
ALL herbs and spices (including garlic) are alkaline to the
body…meaning good for you, your pH and your stomach. 

The reason herbs and spices have gotten their bad rap is
because our good old standard American diet needed a

Here’s a little history to show what I mean: 

Prior to the 20th century, people ate simple meals that
featured fresh foods, most of which was grown on the family
farm or purchased fresh each day from the market.

Processed food arrived on the scene in the year 1900.
Food manufacturers began developing “better living through
chemistry” products like artificial sweeteners (saccharin),
taste additives (MSG), partially hydrogenated vegetable
shortening and margarine. 

Also, refined white sugar replaced molasses as the leading
sweetener in the American diet.

In 1911 a grain-milling process was discovered that
stripped away the germ and outer layers of wheat grain
(where the nutrients are).  The result was nutrient-poor,
acid-creating white bread and refined white flour.

Each decade that followed brought new “technological
advances” that would further destroy the naturally occuring
nutrients in food, while adding in more chemicals (making
them more acidic and toxic to the body).
Then to makes things worse, in the year 1956 the US
Department of Agriculture began a huge campaign telling
Americans to eat foods from the 4 different food groups at
every meal. 

The result of all of this?  People began eating horribly
mis-combined and processed foods, then had World War III
going on in their chest or gut afterwards. 

Well, most people and medical professionals thought that
it can’t possibly be the food–so spices took the blame.

And that old wives’ tale has continued to be standard
medical advice for decades–if you’ve got an ulcer, acid
reflux or hiatal hernia, 99.9% of doctors will still tell
you to avoid herbs and spices.

When in reality what you need to avoid is acid-creating
foods and food combinations (like I teach you how to do in
Great Taste No Pain.

They are used heavily in Ayurvedic medicine, the 3,000-
year old ancient Hindu art of health, medicine and
prolonging life. 
Not only are they alkaline to the body, but many have
their own unique health benefits.  For example:

– Oregano is a potent antiviral, antibacterial and
antifungal agent.

– Garlic helps protect the heart, has anti-inflammatory
properties and can boost your immune system.

– Cilantro helps move mercury out of the body’s tissues.

– Cinnamon has shown to help reduce blood sugar levels in
type II diabetics.

– Cayenne (red) pepper is used to stimulate the
circulatory as well as digestive systems.

– Marjoram helps promote good digestion and relieve
diarrhea, and works on the breathing passages by loosening

– Nutmeg helps stimulate the brain, and also works as an

– Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and is a source
for Vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, manganese,
magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium.

And that’s just a few herbs and spices.

Plus let’s not forget how they make food taste fantastic.

The Great Taste No Pain recipe book features many health
and taste enhancing fresh herbs and spices in many of its
recipes, so you’ll enjoy every single bite of your pain-
free meals.

You’ll see for yourself very quickly that you CAN eat
herbs and spices and feel great.

Spice up your life and become pain-free now at:

Sherry Brescia

For the past 15 years, this simple, tiny secret helped me forever stopped the cramps, bloating, gastric upset, heartburn & more without drugs or giving up the spicy foods I loved. All natural. Almost-instant results. Free-guide will help you get
“Pain-Free in 1 Day!” too.

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