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November 11, 2009

Lose 10-20 lbs during the holidays?!


Read what Sherry Brescia, author of GREAT TASTE NO PAIN has to say about a common problem of weight gain during the holiday season...

Take off 10-20 pounds during holidays
November is here, and that means the holiday season is
fast approaching.

It's a time to show caring, charity, generosity, and
kindness to our fellow humans.

It's also a time for FOOD, glorious food!  All those get-
togethers, dinners and parties with all that delicious

...and for many people, that means packing on the pounds.

Sadly, I've heard scores of people say they dread the
approach of the holidays because they know they'll put on
weight and have trouble taking it off.

Know what?

It doesn't have to be that way.

It IS possible to maintain a consistent weight even
through the holidays.

You see, when you have doable standards for eating that
you will not break and live every day feeding your body the
way it was designed to be fed, excess pounds are never,
ever an issue. 

Here's why:

Your body is alkaline by design.  All of your organs and
systems work their best (perfectly, actually) in an
alkaline environment. 

When your body is too acidic, it doesn't function properly
and it begins to literally break down and fall apart.  And
you get pain, sickness, disease and...obesity.

So if you are hurting, sick or overweight, you are acidic. 


Eating 50-70+% alkaline foods and combining your foods in
the way that keeps digestive acid low is the key to
holidays (and every day) without extra poundage. 

When you eat foods that are digested with complimentary
enzymes in the stomach, digestion is a snap and your food
glides through the intestines smoothly. 

No more toxic waste build-up.

No constipation

No bloating. 

This means a trimmer, sexier you.

Plus, when you don't have overproduction of acid in your
stomach, you'll absorb more of the nutrients from your
foods, so you'll only feel hungry when you need more
nutrients, not when your stomach is empty.

In Great Taste No Pain, I'll show you the foods to eat and
the combinations to eat them in so you can feel good at
your ideal weight.  You can get it here: 



Hear remarkable success stories where people have lost so
many inches off their entire bodies it's just astounding:




When correctly combining your foods is your way of life,
you CAN indulge in a dessert, some eggnog or other pleasure
and not worry about packing on pounds. 

I NEVER deprive myself on special occasions or holidays.
I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and
Christmas cookies already.

But because it’s a once in a while thing, not an every day
thing, I’ll weight the same on January 1st as I do now.   

Treat your body right 12 months a year and it will return
the favor with health, energy and forgiveness for your

Get Great Taste No Pain now–just in time for the holidays-


To your health,
Sherry Brescia



How NOT to get SICK for the next 8 weeks!

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s natural to
feel more stress than usual.

So you are now more succeptible to every virus going
around and to getting infections you’d never get
any other time of year.

Here’s why that happens:

When your nervous system picks up signs of emotional or
mental distress, it signals for the release of stress
hormones and special chemical messengers (called

These neurotransmitters speed to different areas of your
body and cause various reactions.

That’s why your heart rate increases when you’re scared or
your stomach gets rumbly when you’re anxious.


These stress hormones can also lead to headaches, high
blood pressure and digestive disorders (like IBS).

They also affect your gut flora, and that’s where 80% of
your immune system is.

For example, strains of the harmful bacteria E. coli grow
faster in an environment that contains the stress hormones
epinephrine (adrenaline) or norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

In addition, some scientists believe that when we’re
stressed, our nervous system “talks” to our gut microbes,
telling certain (bad) ones to multiply and other (good)
ones to limit their growth.

Having a greater concentration of harmful bacteria in your
intestines makes you more susceptible to bacterial
infections and viruses of all types. This happens for two

1- You now don’t have enough good bacteria to fight off
the dangerous pathogens you ingest
2- The bad bacteria have eaten away at your gut wall and
made it porous, so dangerous toxins can now seep out and
travel all through your body, making you ill

Plus having more harmful bacteria in the gut also affects
your immune system’s regulatory T cells. That means your
immune system will be less effective, leading to increased
inflammation (and pain) all over your body.

And heaven help you if you do get sick and take
antibiotics. While they will certainly help kill your
infection, they’ll also cause the bacterial balance in your
gut to even further out of whack…

…which means that you’re likely to get sick AGAIN very

It’s essential to keep your gut flora balanced all year
long, but especially around the holidays with all the added
stressors in your days.

Super Shield Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotic formula can
help you accomplish this important goal.

Super Shield contains 13 pharmaceutical-grade strains of
the world’s most potent, effective beneficial bacteria.

These good guys line the walls of your intestines like an
army, ready to fight off dangerous invaders. Plus they
compete with the bad bacteria for “territory” on your gut
wall, crowding the bad guys and starving them.

They also help strengthen the gut wall, so toxins are less
likely to leak out and cause illness.

Plus Super Shield helps make your digestion more
efficient…which can be helpful when you’re indulging in
your favorite holiday meal.

You can get Super Shield here now at:
and enjoy your holidays and EVERY day with better health
and a stronger immune system.

To your health!

PS: Dale is feeling better inside and out with Super Shield:


Hi Sherry,

I have Rosacea and used to have to take low doses of
antibiotics and put cream on my face…a life sentence.

After one month of Super Shield (which I took for other
reasons) I noticed to my suprise my Rosacea just cleared up
without any other meds.

Additionally I have more energy and as a wedding
photographer I need it. Even my Crohns is much better.

Please don’t stop making Super Shield. I’m a customer for
life and I’m sharing this with all my friends.

Thanks, Dale W.


PPS: Check out the growing database of Great Taste No
Pain success stories. Can you even imagine thousands of
success stories? No need to imagine. You can see them ALL

Haven’t taken the Great Taste No Pain test drive? Why not?



Want to read past articles? Here they are:

(c) copyright 2009 Holistic Blends

About the Author
Sherry Brescia is a natural health researcher, president
of Holistic Blends, Inc. and author of the mega best-
selling Great Taste No Pain Health System.

She has over 20 years experience in the medical research
field, and cured herself from IBS in 1992 by changing her
diet and eating the way she now teaches in her Great Taste
No Pain system.

Sherry has made it her life’s mission to help others with
digestive challenges by educating them about the role of
diet in overall health and the importance of an alkaline pH.

**The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. The
contents of this email are not to be considered medical
advice and are for educational purposes only. If you are
experiencing health challenges, always consult your doctor
for medical advice and follow it even if it contradicts the
contents of this email.**


April 30, 2009

What does your spleen really do??

Here’s what Sherry Brescia, author of Great Taste, No Pain has to say about the spleen’s function.


The spleen is an organ about the size of your fist and
sits on the left side of your body, under the rib cage.
It’s part of the lymphatic system.      

Now if you’re like most people, you know of the lymphatic
system (especially when you have swollen glands) but you’re
not 100% sure what it does.  

So first here’s a very brief biology lesson about the
lymphatic system:

Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is like a staff of maids and
housekeepers inside your body.

This staff is made up of countless nodes and glands, the
thymus gland, the thoracic duct, the spleen, bone marrow,
tonsils and miles of lymphatic vessels.  

These lymphatic vessels contain 3 times more lymph fluid
than blood–that alone should tell you how important the
lymphatic system is.

The maids and housekeepers do their job by filtering and
purifying your bloodstream, cleansing wastes from your
tissues, organs and 100 trillion cells, and searching out
and destroying any harmful invaders that might enter your

Then they gather the wastes and, just like dumping dirty
dishwater down the sink, they bring the wastes to one of
your body’s four “exits”–the lungs, skin, bladder and
bowels–for elimination from your body.  

The lymphatic system is truly the heart of the immune
system because of its vital role in keeping your body clean
and destroying dangerous substances and antigens.

Now on to the spleen.

The Spleen

Your spleen has many important functions including:

* Filtering out and destroying old and damaged blood cells
* Helping to prevent infection by producing white blood
cells (called lymphocytes) that act as a first line of
defense against invading viruses, bacteria and other
* Storing blood and platelets (the cells that help your
blood clot)
* Acting as an intermediary between your immune system and
your brain

As you can see, your spleen is not something you want to
be stressed or not working right.  Your state of health
depends heavily on your body’s ability to fight infections,
and your spleen plays a vital role in that process.

Enlarged Spleen

Sometimes the spleen can become enlarged, which
compromises the functioning of your lymphatic system.

One of the most common causes of an enlarged spleen is
infectious mononucleosis (“mono”), but it can be caused by
these factors as well:

– Bacterial infections, such as syphilis or an infection
of your heart’s inner lining (endocarditis)
– Parasitic infections, such as malaria
– Cirrhosis and other diseases of the liver
– Hemolytic anemia – a condition characterized by
premature destruction of red blood cells
– Blood cancers, such as leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease
– Acidity in the body

As your spleen gets larger, it begins to mess up and
filter out the good, normal red blood cells as well as
abnormal ones.  This reduces the number of healthy cells in
your bloodstream.

It also traps too many platelets.  Eventually, the excess
blood cells and platelets can clog up your spleen, further
interfering with its normal functioning.

Another risk with an enlarged spleen is possible rupture.
A ruptured spleen can cause life-threatening bleeding into
your abdominal cavity, and the release of toxic wastes
throughout your body.

Spleen and Acidity

Like all of your organs, your spleen is designed to
function best in an alkaline environment.

When your body is acidic, you place an impossible burden
on the spleen to do its job, and it can eventually become
enlarged or simply slow way down.  

A poorly functioning spleen can reduce the number of
healthy red blood cells, platelets and white cells in your
bloodstream, so you can develop anemia or increased

You also become susceptible to frequent, dangerous, or
even life-threatening infections.

Keep Your Spleen Alkaline

Good spleen health is yet another great reason to keep
your body as alkaline as possible.  ALL of your organs work
best when your body is alkaline, and the spleen is no

<Are you starting to see a recurring theme here? I hope so.>

If you want to enjoy any measure of good health, live pain-
free with little or no need for medications and enjoy life
well into your golden years, you must commit to eating to
minimize the acidity in your body.

It’s not a question of if…you must do this to have good

Your body is alkaline by design, and the best way to keep
it alkaline is to eat mainly alkaline foods (at least 60-
70%) and correctly combine all of your meals.

Great Taste No Pain shows you how easy that is.



GTNP spells out exactly which foods are acid-creating and
which are alkaline, so you can easily make sure you’re
getting the right ratio.  

It has charts that list what foods you can pair up
together, so you can continue to eat many of your
favorites, and your meal planning will be a cinch.

Plus the recipe book will give you 112 delectable reasons
to be glad you are eating for great health.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS:  Ila said goodbye to 62 years of digestive pain:


Dear Sherry,

I am 71 yrs. old and have had digestive problems since I
was probably 8 or 9 years old.  I’ve never had any help,
nothings worked.  

Recently I wouldn’t go to the doctor and my husband
threatened to call 911, that’s how much pain I was in.

I decided to go on the internet and see what I could find,
and thank God, I found your site  http://www.greattastenopain.com/cmdt.asp?id=943215
I was skepical, but hurting bad, so I sent for your

When I received it, I had to adjust it for my husband.  He
has chronic kidney disease, but by making sure of the fluid
intake, we are both on it.

In two days I was pain free, and I’m feeling better every
day.  I have energy I haven’t had in years.  

I’m telling all my friends about it and that it’s no big
fuss to eat this way–it’s things I’ve always loved, I just
needed to combine them right.

My daughter’s an R.N. and she’s a health nut, she’s so
happy we’re eating right.  It’s really easier to prepare
these meals than the way we used to eat.

I call this my labor of love, love of life and love of my

Thank you again Sherry, God Bless you.

Ila Mousseau

March 27, 2009

Fats – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The good, the bad and the ugly fats –


One of the more dangerous dietary trends today is the low
fat or no fat obsession.

Look at the grocery stores shelves and you’ll see
thousands of products that are touted as low-fat, non-fat
or reduced fat.

But what so many fat-resistant people don’t realize is
that ALL fat is not the enemy.

Just the bad fats are.

Bad fats are saturated fats and trans fats.  These fats
raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries, pack on the
pounds and shorten your life. 

Here’s a quick low down on the bad fats:

1) Saturated fats:  These come from animals – all types of
meat and dairy products (including lard, butter and cream).
Other sources are palm and palm kernal oil.

2) Trans-fats:  They come from hydrogenated or partially
hydrogenated oils (like shortening and margarine). margarine
Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils are used in
most processed snack foods, cookies, side dishes, snack
cakes and most bakery goods.

Now, food manufacturers know that people are leary of
fats, and since they want to make sure their profits stay
high, they create low-fat or non-fat versions of their
products.  You’ll even see them proudly proclaim “No Trans
Fats!” on many of the labels and boxes. 

What they fail to tell you is that in place of the fat,
they’ve put in…


That’s right.  Lots and lots of sugars.  They’ve got to
make the stuff taste good somehow, and sugar does the
trick.  Remember, low-fat or non-fat doesn’t mean zero

And most times the sugar comes in the form of high
fructose corn syrup–the single worst form of sugar on the

So it’s basically smoke and mirrors…”It’s GOOD for you!”

Uhhhh, no.

They also add artificial flavorings and chemicals when
sugar won’t do. 

Bottom line here is to stay away from foods with bad fats
AND their low-fat or non-fat cousins–neither will allow
you to have any measure of decent health so you can do all
the fun, wonderful things you want to do in your very long

Now for the good fats:olive-oil

Good fats play a VITAL role in our bodies, and not getting
enough of them leads to nutritional deficiency,
inflammation and tissue degeneration.

Here are just some of the amazing things good fats do:

* They help construct cell membranes, produce hormones and
eliminate acidity. 

* They protect your organs, help keep you warm and help
your body absorb nutrients.

* They lubricate your joints, provide energy and help
protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke,
arteriosclerosis and blood clots.

* They can help relieve arthritis, asthma, PMS, allergies,
skin problems and behavioral disorders.

* They boost brain function.

Good fats are also called essential fatty acids,
monunsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Raw (not roasted) nuts, seeds and avocados are all great
sources of good fats. 

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring and trout are
also sources of good fats.

Good fat oils include olive oil, safflower oil, soybean
oil, borage oil, fish oil, evening primrose oil and
grapeseed oil.

Just remember, these oils are good unless they have been
hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated.  Then, they are
very, very bad.

When shopping for oils, look for those that are cold-
pressed and are in a dark container. –they have not been
subjected to heating, are the freshest and are less likely
to be rancid.

The recipes in the Great Taste No Pain system   http://www.greattastenopain.com/cmdt.asp?id=943215

good, healthy oils and natural good fat food sources.  The
manuals also provide suggestions for delicious alternatives
(to bad fats like margarine and shortening).

You don’t need to make all fat your enemy any longer.  Let
Great Taste No Pain be your guide to enjoying health-
enhancing good fats.     


~ Sherry Brescia


March 26, 2009

Spicy foods causing heartburn symptoms?

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More words of  wisdom from Ms. Brescia….  good info about our misconceptions about the standard American diet and where those ideas originated.  Read on…

Many people are under the false impression that eating
them will make their acid reflux, ulcer or hiatal hernia
act up.
The truth is herbs and spices have been used for thousands
of years for both flavoring and medicinal purposes.
To your spicy pain-free life,

But they won’t. 

With the exception of curry powder and iodized table salt,
ALL herbs and spices (including garlic) are alkaline to the
body…meaning good for you, your pH and your stomach. 

The reason herbs and spices have gotten their bad rap is
because our good old standard American diet needed a

Here’s a little history to show what I mean: 

Prior to the 20th century, people ate simple meals that
featured fresh foods, most of which was grown on the family
farm or purchased fresh each day from the market.

Processed food arrived on the scene in the year 1900.
Food manufacturers began developing “better living through
chemistry” products like artificial sweeteners (saccharin),
taste additives (MSG), partially hydrogenated vegetable
shortening and margarine. 

Also, refined white sugar replaced molasses as the leading
sweetener in the American diet.

In 1911 a grain-milling process was discovered that
stripped away the germ and outer layers of wheat grain
(where the nutrients are).  The result was nutrient-poor,
acid-creating white bread and refined white flour.

Each decade that followed brought new “technological
advances” that would further destroy the naturally occuring
nutrients in food, while adding in more chemicals (making
them more acidic and toxic to the body).
Then to makes things worse, in the year 1956 the US
Department of Agriculture began a huge campaign telling
Americans to eat foods from the 4 different food groups at
every meal. 

The result of all of this?  People began eating horribly
mis-combined and processed foods, then had World War III
going on in their chest or gut afterwards. 

Well, most people and medical professionals thought that
it can’t possibly be the food–so spices took the blame.

And that old wives’ tale has continued to be standard
medical advice for decades–if you’ve got an ulcer, acid
reflux or hiatal hernia, 99.9% of doctors will still tell
you to avoid herbs and spices.

When in reality what you need to avoid is acid-creating
foods and food combinations (like I teach you how to do in
Great Taste No Pain.

They are used heavily in Ayurvedic medicine, the 3,000-
year old ancient Hindu art of health, medicine and
prolonging life. 
Not only are they alkaline to the body, but many have
their own unique health benefits.  For example:

– Oregano is a potent antiviral, antibacterial and
antifungal agent.

– Garlic helps protect the heart, has anti-inflammatory
properties and can boost your immune system.

– Cilantro helps move mercury out of the body’s tissues.

– Cinnamon has shown to help reduce blood sugar levels in
type II diabetics.

– Cayenne (red) pepper is used to stimulate the
circulatory as well as digestive systems.

– Marjoram helps promote good digestion and relieve
diarrhea, and works on the breathing passages by loosening

– Nutmeg helps stimulate the brain, and also works as an

– Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and is a source
for Vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, manganese,
magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium.

And that’s just a few herbs and spices.

Plus let’s not forget how they make food taste fantastic.

The Great Taste No Pain recipe book features many health
and taste enhancing fresh herbs and spices in many of its
recipes, so you’ll enjoy every single bite of your pain-
free meals.

You’ll see for yourself very quickly that you CAN eat
herbs and spices and feel great.

Spice up your life and become pain-free now at:

Sherry Brescia

For the past 15 years, this simple, tiny secret helped me forever stopped the cramps, bloating, gastric upset, heartburn & more without drugs or giving up the spicy foods I loved. All natural. Almost-instant results. Free-guide will help you get
“Pain-Free in 1 Day!” too.

March 25, 2009

Getting the right amount of protein?

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I want to pass along more words of wisdom from Sherry Brescia.  Words to live by…..


Getting the right amount of protein?

Based on some of the questions I receive, it appears that the fears of death, snakes and public speaking don’t even come close to people’s fear of not getting enough protein. You can thank the Madison Avenue advertising sharks for that one. People have been brainwashed into thinking that meat and dairy are the only and best sources of protein, and if they don’t drink their milk and eat their meat, they’ll be protein deficient.

 Tell me, do you even know what a protein deficiency looks like? Know anyone that has one? I didn’t think so. The fact is, animal products are just one of many sources of protein, and they also happen to be very acid-creating to your body. When your body is in a state of acidity (called acidosis), it can not effectively absorb nutrients from your foods. So even though you’re eating protein when you have a steak, chances are good that your body will actually use little or none of it. What makes this worse is the fact that most people eat animal products with the wrong other foods. This results in over-production of acid in the stomach that destroys the nutrients in your foods and makes you reach for the Rolaids (or your stomach drug of choice). And what people don’t realize is that protein from animal products is just that–animal protein. It’s not human protein. Our bodies need to break down the cow or chicken or pig protein into its individual amino acids. Then it converts it to human protein, and that is quite an involved process.

Want to know another GREAT source of protein that’s actually good for you? Alkaline foods. That’s right. Alkaline foods contain the amino acids our bodies require to construct all the protein we need. And because they’re alkalizing to the body, you end up getting the benefit of the amino acids (and all the other nutrients) in your foods because they’re not being destroyed by acid. Here’s an interesting tidbit: Cows (and other animals of strength and endurance) eat nothing but alkaline foods. Cows with their huge bones and enormous bodies have no trouble with protein deficiency. Alkaline foods are also typically low in calories, so if you’re concerned about that spare tire or bump in your rump, eating mainly alkaline foods is a great way to make it go away.

 The manuals in the Great Taste No Pain system


explain the health dangers of animal products and show you exactly what foods are alkaline, so you’ll know all the BEST sources for your protein. The recipe book contains many mouth-watering recipes, so you’ll love every bite of getting your protein. You’ll know what percent of your meals should be alkaline, so you can eat some acid-creating foods you love and still maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance. And if you’re a die-hard meat and dairy lover that can’t give it up, I also show you what foods to eat them with to help reduce their harmful effects. Check it out right away…and have all the protein you’ll ever need. –


To your health,

Sherry Brescia

March 19, 2009

Habla Espanol? Learning to Speak Spanish


As a girl who grew up in Arkansas, I haven’t always been the most multi-culturallly exposed person for obvious reasons. I am, now, however, married to a man from Guatemala. I’ve found it necessary to learn Spanish! It’s fun to learn to speak another language, and it’s just a healthy thing to do. Besides, these days you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you need some Spanish skills…

If you want a good way to learn spanish without spending $500 bucks on the most popular programs, check out the link below. Rocket Spanish is a fun, easy way to become bi-lingual!

Are Your Dental Fillings Safe?

Are your dental fillings safe?

The subject of today’s blog is something I’ve not only
been educated about, but I’ve also experienced first-hand.

It’s mercury contamination from amalgam fillings.

Now, many dental care professionals continue to insist
that amalgam fillings are harmless. Virtually every major
US health organization has declared amalgam dental fillings

Read on and you be the judge.

First of all, mercury is sheer poison to the human body.
It has been scientifically demonstrated to be more toxic
than lead, cadmium and even arsenic.

Mercury accumulates in the liver, kidney, brain and blood
and builds up in your body’s tissues.

In adults, mercury can cause kidney failure,
cardiovascular collapse and genetic damage. It can also
cause skin rash, sores in the mouth and swollen gums.

It depletes the immune system and can induce a number of
auto-immune diseases. Mercury will cause an increase in
number and severity of all allergies, and is also linked to
Alzheimer’s disease.

Long-term exposure to mercury can cause effects which
develop gradually and sneak up on you. These include
shaking of the hands, eyelids, lips, tongue, or jaw,
headaches, trouble sleeping, personality changes, memory
loss, irritability, indecisiveness and loss of intelligence.

Yes, you read that right. Loss of INTELLIGENCE.

Does that sound like something that’s “safe” to you? In
any amount?

Now back to amalgam fillings:

Dental amalgams are about 50% (half) mercury. The other
half is a mixture of silver, tin, and other metals.

Amalgam fillings release mercury non-stop throughout the
lifetime of your filling, so there’s no safe time where the
mercury has “worn out” or “gone away.”

Now, mercury vapour is the main way that mercury comes out
of amalgam fillings. It’s absorbed through your lungs,
into the blood, and then is transported all over your body.

There is NO harmless level of mercury vapour exposure–
that’s a proven scientific fact. Every single molecule is

So how these various health organizations in the US can
claim that amalgam fillings are safe is mind-boggling, and
another illustration of compromising the health of millions
of people in the interest of profits via lack of lawsuits.

Having a little mercury is about as safe as having a
little cancer.

And the more fillings you have, the more exposure you get.

I would know.

I was LOADED with mercury when I first consulted a
prominent holistic physician in Manhattan 2 years ago. She
was astounded when she saw my blood levels. My mercury
levels were very high.

At first we thought it could be the fish I was eating or
maybe our water supply. So, I stopped eating large fish,
and I had our water tested–it was fine.

I was re-tested after cutting back on the fish and was
still toxic with mercury.

Then my doctor looked in my mouth and saw my amalgam
fillings. She said, “You’ve got to get those out of there.
Right away.”

She also gave me a mercury cleansing product to help
remove any residual mercury once the fillings came out.

Well, after spending a few long hours in the dentist’s
chair, I am now amalgam-free.

And guess what. My mercury level has plummeted!

If you have amalgam fillings, I urge you to have heavy
metal testing done (ask your doctor) and consider having
your fillings replaced. White composite fillings are not
only more attractive (because they’re tooth-colored), but
they’re made from microscopic glass and/or porcelain
particles that are embedded in a mass of acrylic–NO

Don’t let anyone try to tell you that the amount of
mercury in fillings is safe–it’s not. I’m living proof,
and so are countless others.

Take responsibility for your health and prevent the
horrors of mercury contamination.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS: Olivia is getting better each day with Great Taste No


March 12, 2009

Looking for “Great Taste No Pain” Recipe Book?

Find it here!
<a href=”“>

What a great way to feel better without medications… head over to my blogs about Sherry Brescia’s recipe for “Where is Spring” Thick Minestrone soup.

Then follow the links to her articles and blogs. Amazing stuff!

March 6, 2009

Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo

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I\”m headed to the gym with my ipod cued to \”Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo\”.  I have to learn it by the weekend\’s band practice…..Rock on!   Should be interesting!   😛

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