Rants and Raves of an American Mom

Who am I?

n722463191_526749_6147My name is Traci.  I feel like I’m 18 most days, but I’m actually, well, not.  I’m mom to tween and teen girls, and a wife to my Air Force hubby.  I definitely have grown up a lot over the last few years.  I guess marrying into the military and being forced out of my comfort zone has done that to me.  There was a time I never thought I’d get sick, have surgery, pack moving boxes, or have any kind or family trauma, much less celebrations without my mom nearby to help me out or celebrate with me.  Now I realize what it is like to BE the mom.  

It is tough, and wonderful all at the same time.  I have grown and watched myself grow.  I have observed these changes in myself, one by one, and marveled at them.  I’ve cried many tears, and laughed to myself.  I have to admit, I’ve patted myself on the back a few times.  

Just a little bit about who I am….now.

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