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Singing, Songwriting, La La La….

I’ve been teaching private voice lessons ever since I finished college, a good 14 years now! It’s so rewarding, to be able to watch a student’s confidence level build as their understanding of how the human voice works develops. It’s awesome to have that kind of control over your own vocal expression and tone…but the greatest part is being able to control the emotions of others with your voice. I love it, I love singing, and teaching others how to “feel” and “communicate” their music to an audience. There’s nothing I’d rather do!

I guess it was about six years ago when I began writing music and lyrics. Lyrics first, they come more naturally to me for some reason. I guess I just have a lot to say. I’ve always enjoyed poetry and putting words together in a clever way. The joy of having babies, the pain of realizing my marriage was crappy, the excitement of finding new love again, the fear of having a spouse in the military…. it took all of these life experiences to give me substance, something real to say.

Now that I live in L.A., I’m ready to record some of my songs. I’m nervous about it, too. Does every songwriter feel vulnerable to bring out his or her thoughts and feelings which have been nurtured in a notebook for a while?? I definitely do. So I’m going to share some lyrics here, little by little to break myself in.

Here’s one I wrote about being a mom, and remembering my own mom. The melody rocks, lilting, like an old rocking chair, and the lyrics go like this:

Any Old Chair

Traci De Leon


Today I was driftin’, back to when I was a child

Mama would rock me, sometimes she’d just hold me awhile

And I can still feel her heart beat

And hear her voice echoing there

And I remember the smell of her hair

Together in any old chair


She used to tell me, how someday I’d be up and grown

I’d know what it feels like,

To be holding a child of my own,

But nothing prepared me

For the life that I’m living today

And I never imagined

That I would be feeling this way……..


Memories are bittersweet, the days how they fly

And I took for granted so much precious time….

Today I was driftin’ back when I had my first child,

When I could still rock her, and I’d sit and hold her awhile

And I can still feel her fingers so tiny and strong holding mine

And I remember the smell of her hair

Together in any old chair

So there it is….comments are welcome!


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