Rants and Raves of an American Mom

New Theory on What Causes Obesity

Read what Sherry Brescia, author of “Great Taste, No Pain” has to say about obesity.


Last week, I was waiting for my Mom in a doctor’s office
while she was having her annual exam.  

The only other people in the waiting room with me were a
husband and wife and another woman.  It was so quiet in
the room you could hear a pin drop, so I couldn’t help but
overhear their conversation.

The second woman was talking about how she needed to take
off weight and knew the doctor was probably going to
“scold her” for not doing so.  

The man (who was at least 150 pounds overweight) said
that he had lost 50 pounds last year by cutting back on
the bad stuff and doing a small amount of exercise.  Then
he said he gained it all back when he went back to his old
ways of eating (and stopped the exercise).  

His wife was also quite overweight (a good 70 pounds too
much).  She commented that she had lost about 40 pounds
last year, but gained it all back too.  

She also said she’s a diabetic and noticed that when she
took off the 40 pounds, she didn’t need nearly as much
medicine.  But now she’s back up to the full dosage.

But this is where my mouth dropped open.  

The wife said, “Oh well.  The problem is that in our
country there is just so much food available to us and it
is just too easy to get.  When you go to the grocery store
it’s just too easy to buy all the foods that are bad for

And the husband agreed.

Neither of them took one iota of responsibility for their
unhealthy choices.  They blamed the well-stocked grocery
stores in the US for their obesity.  

I wanted to ask them, “Did you know the grocery stores
also have fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and fish that are
‘easy to buy’ too?”

And the sad thing is that their finger-pointing beliefs
are not unique.  We study people’s dietary habits and
eating trends constantly here at Holistic Blends, and know
that there millions of people unwilling to accept
reponsibility for their own unhealthy food choices.  

Heck, McDonald’s has even been sued because its food made
someone fat.  This person claimed they didn’t know greasy
burgers, french fries and milk shakes are no good for you,
and that McDonald’s should have warned them.  

Come on already.

If you’re sick or overweight, it’s time to stop blaming
the grocery stores, your doctor, your spouse, the
restaurants, the TV commercials, the drug companies or
food giants.  

Instead look in the mirror, forgive yourself for past
mistakes and accept responsibility for your health.

Then…DO something about it.

Just like eating junk, eating healthy can become a habit
too.  A good lifelong habit.

You see, when you finally get away from processed, acidic
foods with their artificial flavorings and chemicals and
instead eat REAL food, your body develops the taste for
the real stuff.

Think about it–none of us came out of the womb needing
or wanting Cool Ranch Doritos or Hamburger Helper.

And when you’ve eaten healthy long enough, those “old
favorites” of the past have no appeal to you anymore…as
a matter of fact, you might be repulsed by them.

When I was a kid, I used to love Pop-tarts.  I smelled
one recently that a friend of my son’s had and I almost
vomited.  I could just smell the chemicals and sugar and
felt bad for the poor kid who had been given that for

Let me help you.  Let Great Taste No Pain help you take
responsibility for your health and weight.


In GTNP, you’ll learn exactly how acidic, processed foods
and bad food combinations make you sick and fat.  

You’ll also get loads of suggestions for good
combinations of REAL foods.  And if you spend any time in
the kitchen, the dishes in the recipe book are so
delicious, you’ll soon develop NEW favorites..ones that
will enhance your health–not make you sicker and fatter.

Soon you’ll see that scale number come down, along with
the medications and the doctor’s visits.  

And when you eat this way for life, there is no more
“losing 50 pounds and gaining it back” ever again.  

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


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