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How to CHOP your Grocery bills!!


Great info here from Sherry Brescia on eating cheaply, the healthy way!!

Hi, Sherry:

 In my work, I travel to very remote parts of the midwest, where the produce truck only rolls in once a week, if that, and everything else is canned. Many communities have very limited choices. This has been exacerbated by the current economic downturn. Many folks simply don’t have the choices that the folks who live in larger cities have. There have been studies done on this, and it is quite a problem. Maybe you could address how poverty plays a role in the choices people make? Thank you for your good work, and for providing concerned citizens an alternative to the broken system of western medicine.


Laura Caviani

******************* SB: Great question, Laura. I’m happy to comment on such a very important subject.

======== Lack of fresh food =================

There are many parts of the world where fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce, no matter what the economy. Fresh produce is the best and first choice because it’s filled with naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and fiber. Processing compromises the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and can actually make a good, alkaline food acidic and actually bad for you. Here’s a perfect example: Fresh peaches are alkalizing to your body, and are a good source of carotenes, potassium, Vitamin A, lycopene and lutein. Their phytochemicals are also helpful in the prevention of heart disease, macular degeneration and cancer. Canned peaches, on the other hand, have as much as 1/3 less nutrients than fresh, plus the heating during processing and the sugary syrups added make them acidic to your body. An acidic body is a perfect home for diseases like cancer, heart disease and many others. If fresh produce is not an option, choose frozen instead– but make sure that there are no added sugars, butter or any kind of sauces. If canned foods must be purchased, do so as infrequently as possible and buy those that are canned in their own juices or water only. Stay away from those that are canned in syrups or sauces.

======= The low cost of eating healthy ============

Many people claim they can’t afford to eat healthy–it’s too expensive. So they rely on boxed, bagged and canned “foods” instead. That is ridiculous. It is not true. Pound for pound, fresh fruits and vegetables cost FAR less than processed foods. In fact, it’s not even close. Follow this: A two-pound bag of carrots costs $1.99 and (along with a couple potatoes, some celery, an onion, some beans and some spices) can be used to make a pot of soup that will feed 6 people. All for less than $5.00…to feed 6 people. A two-pound Digiorno pizza costs $5.49 and feeds two, maybe three (very small) people. The junk is FAR more expensive. As much as double the cost of real, health-creating food. Even if the pizza has a dollar off coupon the carrots and other fresh foods win hands down. It’s not even close. When fresh produce can be more expensive is when you are buying off season, but it’s still cheaper than processed. And even the higher seasonal costs can be solved easily enough by buying whatever is in season each week. Many areas also have farmer’s markets where fresh-picked fruits and vegetables are sold for VERY low prices. Check and see what’s available in your area by doing a google search for “farmer’s market” and the name of your city and state/region. Some areas also have community supported agriculture programs where you pay a fee for the entire season and get a weekly share of the most delicious fresh produce you’ve ever tasted. I’ve been doing this for years, and get more than enough vegetables for my family for about $20 a week. The prices are insanely low. Google “community supported agriculture” to see what’s in your town.

========== Added costs of processed foods =================

Not only are processed foods FAR MORE expensive than fresh, there’s another hidden cost most people don’t think about. The cost to your health. Processed foods make you sick and fat. And being sick, fat and in pain means these enormous costs over and above your weekly grocery bill: – Doctor’s visits – Prescription and OTC medications – Tests – Surgery – Hospital stays – Lost time from work All of these can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more each and every year. NOW you tell me which is cheaper–eating healthy or eating boxed, bagged and canned processed food-like stuff.

***************** If eating healthy is new to you and seems a bit overwhelming, I understand. That’s why I created Great Taste No Pain as your personal guide. You can get it here: –


The GTNP manuals explain what processed foods do, why eating fresh foods is so important, and how to do it quickly, easily and cheaply. The recipe book is chock full of dishes featuring REAL foods that not only are good for your body, but taste scrumpt-dilly-icious. The charts show you what good combinations are so you know what to pair up with your absolute favorite foods while still keeping the acidity down in your body. Start SAVING money today by eating healthy, and let Great Taste No Pain make it a cinch for you. –


To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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