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March 25, 2009

Getting the right amount of protein?

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I want to pass along more words of wisdom from Sherry Brescia.  Words to live by…..


Getting the right amount of protein?

Based on some of the questions I receive, it appears that the fears of death, snakes and public speaking don’t even come close to people’s fear of not getting enough protein. You can thank the Madison Avenue advertising sharks for that one. People have been brainwashed into thinking that meat and dairy are the only and best sources of protein, and if they don’t drink their milk and eat their meat, they’ll be protein deficient.

 Tell me, do you even know what a protein deficiency looks like? Know anyone that has one? I didn’t think so. The fact is, animal products are just one of many sources of protein, and they also happen to be very acid-creating to your body. When your body is in a state of acidity (called acidosis), it can not effectively absorb nutrients from your foods. So even though you’re eating protein when you have a steak, chances are good that your body will actually use little or none of it. What makes this worse is the fact that most people eat animal products with the wrong other foods. This results in over-production of acid in the stomach that destroys the nutrients in your foods and makes you reach for the Rolaids (or your stomach drug of choice). And what people don’t realize is that protein from animal products is just that–animal protein. It’s not human protein. Our bodies need to break down the cow or chicken or pig protein into its individual amino acids. Then it converts it to human protein, and that is quite an involved process.

Want to know another GREAT source of protein that’s actually good for you? Alkaline foods. That’s right. Alkaline foods contain the amino acids our bodies require to construct all the protein we need. And because they’re alkalizing to the body, you end up getting the benefit of the amino acids (and all the other nutrients) in your foods because they’re not being destroyed by acid. Here’s an interesting tidbit: Cows (and other animals of strength and endurance) eat nothing but alkaline foods. Cows with their huge bones and enormous bodies have no trouble with protein deficiency. Alkaline foods are also typically low in calories, so if you’re concerned about that spare tire or bump in your rump, eating mainly alkaline foods is a great way to make it go away.

 The manuals in the Great Taste No Pain system


explain the health dangers of animal products and show you exactly what foods are alkaline, so you’ll know all the BEST sources for your protein. The recipe book contains many mouth-watering recipes, so you’ll love every bite of getting your protein. You’ll know what percent of your meals should be alkaline, so you can eat some acid-creating foods you love and still maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance. And if you’re a die-hard meat and dairy lover that can’t give it up, I also show you what foods to eat them with to help reduce their harmful effects. Check it out right away…and have all the protein you’ll ever need. –


To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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