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March 19, 2009

Are Your Dental Fillings Safe?

Are your dental fillings safe?

The subject of today’s blog is something I’ve not only
been educated about, but I’ve also experienced first-hand.

It’s mercury contamination from amalgam fillings.

Now, many dental care professionals continue to insist
that amalgam fillings are harmless. Virtually every major
US health organization has declared amalgam dental fillings

Read on and you be the judge.

First of all, mercury is sheer poison to the human body.
It has been scientifically demonstrated to be more toxic
than lead, cadmium and even arsenic.

Mercury accumulates in the liver, kidney, brain and blood
and builds up in your body’s tissues.

In adults, mercury can cause kidney failure,
cardiovascular collapse and genetic damage. It can also
cause skin rash, sores in the mouth and swollen gums.

It depletes the immune system and can induce a number of
auto-immune diseases. Mercury will cause an increase in
number and severity of all allergies, and is also linked to
Alzheimer’s disease.

Long-term exposure to mercury can cause effects which
develop gradually and sneak up on you. These include
shaking of the hands, eyelids, lips, tongue, or jaw,
headaches, trouble sleeping, personality changes, memory
loss, irritability, indecisiveness and loss of intelligence.

Yes, you read that right. Loss of INTELLIGENCE.

Does that sound like something that’s “safe” to you? In
any amount?

Now back to amalgam fillings:

Dental amalgams are about 50% (half) mercury. The other
half is a mixture of silver, tin, and other metals.

Amalgam fillings release mercury non-stop throughout the
lifetime of your filling, so there’s no safe time where the
mercury has “worn out” or “gone away.”

Now, mercury vapour is the main way that mercury comes out
of amalgam fillings. It’s absorbed through your lungs,
into the blood, and then is transported all over your body.

There is NO harmless level of mercury vapour exposure–
that’s a proven scientific fact. Every single molecule is

So how these various health organizations in the US can
claim that amalgam fillings are safe is mind-boggling, and
another illustration of compromising the health of millions
of people in the interest of profits via lack of lawsuits.

Having a little mercury is about as safe as having a
little cancer.

And the more fillings you have, the more exposure you get.

I would know.

I was LOADED with mercury when I first consulted a
prominent holistic physician in Manhattan 2 years ago. She
was astounded when she saw my blood levels. My mercury
levels were very high.

At first we thought it could be the fish I was eating or
maybe our water supply. So, I stopped eating large fish,
and I had our water tested–it was fine.

I was re-tested after cutting back on the fish and was
still toxic with mercury.

Then my doctor looked in my mouth and saw my amalgam
fillings. She said, “You’ve got to get those out of there.
Right away.”

She also gave me a mercury cleansing product to help
remove any residual mercury once the fillings came out.

Well, after spending a few long hours in the dentist’s
chair, I am now amalgam-free.

And guess what. My mercury level has plummeted!

If you have amalgam fillings, I urge you to have heavy
metal testing done (ask your doctor) and consider having
your fillings replaced. White composite fillings are not
only more attractive (because they’re tooth-colored), but
they’re made from microscopic glass and/or porcelain
particles that are embedded in a mass of acrylic–NO

Don’t let anyone try to tell you that the amount of
mercury in fillings is safe–it’s not. I’m living proof,
and so are countless others.

Take responsibility for your health and prevent the
horrors of mercury contamination.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

PS: Olivia is getting better each day with Great Taste No


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